Tuesday, April 21, 2015


i am feeling weird for the past couple weeks.. all the negative emotion and thinking rushed into my head. O Allah, please help me overcome my own feelings. Everythings seems wrong and in the morning i culdnt get up feeling fresh like other people do. i need to get my feet back on the ground, take charge of my real life.

all of sudden i decide to continue writing in this blog because i think i need to keep a journal of my life. then i can track back all the memories, feelings, great moment, sad, happiness that his happening in my life.

this is a picture of my husband and our new family member, ayra raihanah..just turned 1 year old on 23rd mac 2015

i also hope that with writing and updating my journal will finally make me feel alive again.

owh, not to forget, i am now pursuing my studies at UTM in bioprocess engineering field. May Allah ease my study journey and bring my family closer to Islam.